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Red onion as medicine Diabetes.

Basically Diabetes melitus because of the hormone insulin is not sufficient. Even on a normal person, insulin has a major role in managing blood sugar.

In Indonesia, onion is one of the cooking spices, but without realizing it, the more people who will not know the property of the onion apart as cooking spices.

Modern research shows, red onion have strength in lower blood sugar. researcher in india doing red union giving, either in the form of juice and onion that are still intact. 25-200 grams of the object that checked, that get more and more onion is given, larger decreases the blood sugar. There is no difference between raw onion and red onion that has been boiled.

According to the theory of the research team, onion affect sugar metabolism in the liver or the release of insulin metabolism and prevent the destruction of insulin. In other research results indicate that the onion has the effect of lowering blood sugar and fat. Therefore, it is recommended to add to the onion in any dish or food can be consumed after a number of free meals.

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