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Tips to Control Blood Sugar Without Medicine

To control blood sugar means to establish control of your life- something that many diabetics have only done by regularly taking their medicine. But did you know that there are means and ways that you would be able to control your spiraling blood sugar without relying solely on your diabetes medication, such as your insulin. Let's face it- for many decades now, research on diabetes has shown that there are certain incidences of diabetes that are harder and harder to regulate with the usual spectrum of treatments. Because of this there is a need to lower blood sugar naturally- and there are plenty of methods that you can try to make this happen for you.

1. Exercise more- it is now more necessary to increase your physical activity, because if you don't even your muscle tissues will begin to take damage if you don't control your blood sugar. If you haven't been exercising for most of your life then this would be a good time to begin.

2. Eat less saturated fats- it is true that you need a nutritive diet to get along- but the nutritive aspect fails if you are consuming way too many calories of saturated fat. The effort fails because you might suffer from complications of diabetes mellitus- the deadly ones always affect the heart.

3. Eat organic- the less junk food and processed foods you consume, the less likely you would be raising your blood sugar levels. Because of this basic fact, start enjoying organic food more- start cooking at home with your own recipes and watch your blood sugar go down.

4. No to soft drinks- soft drinks are one of the leading causes of diabetes since its inception, and it still is today. If you have been addicted to the stuff from birth, then now would be a good time to wean yourself off the harmful substance because soft drinks are packed with sugar with every gulp.

5. Yes to natural fruit juices- if you still want your small doses of sugar and yet you have decided not to drink soft drinks, why not try natural fruit juices instead? Try the King himself- the coconut. Coconut juice is sweet, easily chilled and quite refreshing. Try different recipes for cocktails and watch a room go wild with coconut juice. Or you can simply sip it cold while reading your favorite book or listening to your favorite composers. This is also safe for insulin dependent diabetics.

These are only some of the ways that you may be able to control blood sugar.

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