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Tip: Educating Children To Do Masturbation

Children sometimes have a habit of hold on Children's sex organ . This phase is known as genetic phase.
There are 2 main causes of why children often hold on Children's sex organ . Can be caused by the itch because of a lack of hygiene or can also feel the children from Children's sex organ of the favor. When the left, will become a habit. The following tips are suggestions that can be done for parents.

1. Ask With Soft. By asking the reason parents can teach children, the fact that what were doing is not true.

2. Give attention and embrace. When children get enough attention and interact with parents, children Practical will acquire the habit of the switch. I parents more effective in bringing children, than the firm method.

3. Asked Playing. Divert attention delight children with toys is a step that effectively. Of course, parents always accompanied children not to repeat habitat.

Avoid some errors when parents warn children.

1. Parents should not be ashamed of the child. Ridiculed or reprimanded the child in front of the other person, precisely will not make the child stopping from the habit.

2. Reprimanded with High emotions. This is precisely the pattern of communication to make parents with children to be damaged. And not closed the possibility of children will repeat his act.

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